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Honda Engine Disassemble Experiment Station

Special Price Rp 122.400.000,00

Merek : DOLANG
Kode Produk : IMO-OTO-002-0387
Berat : 106.25 Kg

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Equipment Standard
1. Reduction mechanism, dismounting roll-over stand, Toyota series engine assembly, supporting the dismounting maintenance information.

II. Features
1. Students can perform the actual operation of the engine disassembly and repair in flip stand
2. Engine can do axial 360-degree flip and static.
3. Meet the whole process requirements of engine disassemble, refitted, debugging, inspection requirements
4. Large oil pan can prevent tools,components, oil from dropping and train good working habits.
5. Can customized other models according to customer requirements

III. Training Content
1. Engine disassemble and assembly training
2. Engine components installation position training
3. Assemblied Engine troubleshooting and confirm training
4. Engine practical operation and theoretical exam engine training
5. Each component working principle training when the engine works at low speed


IV. Technical Parameters
1. Types of engine: Toyota corolla, 5A, 8A (customized according to customer needs)
2. Speed ratio: 1:60
3. Working environment temperature: -40??+50?
4. Product specification: 1000*850*750 (Length*Width*Height)

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