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Auto-transmission Fluid Oil Exchanger

Special Price Rp 11.540.100,00

Merek : Honow
Kode Produk : IMO-OTO-054-1094
Berat : 40 Kg
* Oil cycling flow speed monitor * Change the oil by the power of gear-box and the exchanger * Automatically shift to oil-extracting function after completed oil
* Effectively protect the gear-box and remove the grease and metal
fillings; * Assure equal amount exchange; * Suit For: Gasoline/diesel vehicles
Working Pressure: 0~60PSI
Power: ( Electric) : 220V/DC12V
Pressure Regulator: Manual Control
Fluid Capacity: 2 tanks (for new and old fluids)
30Liter/6.6 gallons per tank
Standard Accessories: 1-black hose, 1-red hose, 1-Assorted Fittings
adapters and hose kit
Dimension: Carton:60x42x103m=0.26cbm
Gross Weight:40kg

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