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Fully automatic A/C system flushing & cleaning machine Type B

Special Price Rp 113.062.400,00

Merek : Honow
Kode Produk : IMO-OTO-054-1083
Berat : 994.39 Kg
Type of Refrigerant: R134a
Voltage: 220V±10%,50/60Hz
Service Procedure: Fully automatic or manual
Recovery rate:97%,stop at 0 bar automatically
Vapor refrigerant recovery speed:350g/min
Liquid refrigerant recovery speed:250g/min
Charge speed: 1500g/min
Vacuum speed: 120Liter/min
Vacuum pump: double stage 2L pump
Cycle-cleaning time:20-40mins
Dry filter:600ml
Max. refrigerant weight in gas cylinder:10kg
Load cell accuracy for gas cylinder:±5g
New/old oil bottle capacity?330ml
Max work pressure:17.5bar
Dimension(mm): 1370(h)x 670(w)x650(L)

Main funtions:
flushing of lines, evaporators, and
condensers fast and easy. *It's an advanced A/C
hose service equipment , with unique on-car AC
hose recycle and cleaning
function. No need any
chemicals,only use
refrigerant to change
waste oil in the system
and clean the whole

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